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Mislabeling of Vitamins

Do you take a vitamin or any form of a supplemental pill? Half of the American population takes vitamins regularly for various reasons. There are many people who want their health to be in check, while others require the help of vitamins to avoid health issues. In any case, people need to be cautious on what product they choose to consume. Vitamins are exempt from the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations. This allows the companies to legally sell their vitamin product without going through a process of checking its purity levels. This podcast episode will provide background information on the dangers of supplemental merchants and provide tips on how to single out a product that consumers can trust.

What is a
Creel Clerk?

The Pit Bull breed developed in the United Kingdom in the 1800s for blood sports, such as bear and bull-baiting. Pit bulls are a notorious breed for aggression seen in headlines across newspapers nationwide, and have sustained this negative reputation for decades.There are purebreds who fit that boxed head description, including the Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso. Pit bulls are a common breed in shelters across America, yet remain as a suggested family dog, guardian and tend to excel in athletics with their humans. Breed Specific Legislation discriminates the way a dog looks, rather than their behavior. It should be rewritten to protect the people from what is dangerous versus what's  believed to be dangerous. Breed Specific Legislation poses serious discrimination issues and lacks prevention efforts.

Breed Specific Legislation
Mislabeling of Vitamins - Debbie Hoang
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Breed Specific Legislation - Melanie Brisendine & Axel
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If you're out on any major lakes fishing of boating often, you might encounter a creel clerk. Unfortunately, you probably have no idea what that means. A creel clerk is a wildlife biologist that performs angler surveys. These surveys provide insight as to what people are catching and how often. This podcast explores what a creel clerk is and why they are important. Guest host Amanda Apatow interviews a biologist that has held the position of creel clerk for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

What is a Creel Clerk? - Leighton Powers
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