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Debbie Hoang

In Useful Stuff You Should Know, listeners will be educated on activities that they may likely encounter in their life. People tend to be unaware of the background and purpose of everyday practices occurring around them. This informative podcast will cover topics ranging from the life of a creel clerk down to the mislabeling of vitamins. It will focus on a wide range of concerns and will give you an inside look at useful topics that people may otherwise overlook.





I'm an undergraduate senior at the University of Florida and am currently studying nutrition. I plan on using my knowledge about nutrition in my future medical career.



I'm an undergraduate student studying Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida. Hopefully I can use my education to become a wildlife biologist here in Florida.

Leighton Powers


I'm currently a Psychology student pursuing a future in animal behavior, specifically dogs. Animals are my world and I will continue helping those in need. 

Melanie Brisendine
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